Account preferences

How do I update my email preferences?

Profilethen click Edit button in the page.

How do I change my password?

Go to profile page then click Change password next to your username in the page.
※Those using social login cannot change their password.

How do I change my email address?

Profilethen click Change email address.
Upon your request, we will send a link to your new email address.
Please check your inbox to click the link within 24 hours to complete the procedure.

The email is sent from a send-only address.
If you didn't receive your verification or reset email, please confirm the following:

  1. Spam Folder
    • A spam filter or email rule might move the email to the spam folder. Please check your spam folder.
  2. Security/anti-virus software settings
    • If you have installed a firewall or an anti-virus software, these might mistakenly detect the email as a spam.
  3. Email service provider settings
    • In case you still cannot receive the emails after confirming the above, your email service provider may provide a virus-protection service or anti-spam blocking service by default. If you are using a business email, the settings might be applied on your company's email server.
    • In the above cases, please contact your email service provider or your company's network administrator for the details.
  4. Inbox
    • Your email account might be full. Please check your status and remove messages if necessary.

I didn't receive a confirmation email to finish registration.

Please confirm the notes above.

Can I have multiple SIGNATE accounts?

Having more than one account is not permitted. Please confirm the article 2, paragraph 2 of the terms for the details.

I didn't receive a confirmation code to finish sms verification. Possible reasons are as follows:

Possible reasons are as follows:

  • you have entered an invalid phone number
  • sms messaging is not available on your phone
  • you have entered a phone number already used in another verification
  • messages settings on your phone is not enabled
    • Please visit your phone career's website for the settings details.


I am receiving an error for my submission.

Please refer to the submission format of sample_submit.csv available in the Download Data page. Common causes of errors are as follows:

  • Incorrect datetime format
  • Containing non-numeric values
  • Extra comma at the end of the row
  • File size is too large (Limit: 256MB)

Do submission errors affect daily submission limits?

Only successful submissions do.

Can I use external data in the competition?

As it depends on the competition you are entering, please confirm them in the competition rules page.

I have issues with downloading data.

Please try out the followings:

  • Use the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Disable browser security extensions.
  • Confirm the settings of your installed anti-malware softwares.
  • Access from the network from outside of your organization.
  • Use the latest version of OS.

If all else fails, please send us information about the version of the os, browser, browser extensions, and how browser behaves when clicking the download button.

Can I join competitions without an authenticated account?

Unauthenticated users can join practice competitions only.

Can I disclose information about the competition I participated?

Scope of disclosure varies depending on the competition. Please refer to the "Disclosure policy" on each competition details page.

Teaming up

I cannot create a team.

Whether or not team-up function is enabled depends on the competition type. When it comes to the competition where the function is enabled, you can see the Team Up button appearing next to the Submit button. Note those one of the following conditions applies are not allowed to join a team when:

  • he or she has already teamed up.
  • he or she already belongs to another team.

Please also not that in order for one to join a team, it must

  • be a solo participant.

Note that a team should be created for each competition even though it has the same team members.

Can I add a nen member later?

Within the team creation period, members can be added from the "Edit Team" button on the competition page within the maximum number of team members.

Please note that team creation period and the maximum number of team members vary depending on the competition.

How do I leave a team?

You cannot leave your team once you join it.

Can I use SIGNATE CLI to submit predictions?

Yes, you can submit predictions by using SIGNATE CLI (Click here for details).

I have issues with submitting my predictions.

The following situations can be considered as reasons for the submission error:

  • Your team have reached maximum allowed submissions per day.
  • Your team leader deactivated its account.

What happens if a team is disbanded?

When one is participating in a competition as a team leader, deactivating its account will instantly disband the team.

Once your team is disbanded, you will no longer be able to submit predictions to the ongoing competition that you have been participating in.

It would be good to discuss the team activity policy among members to avoid unexpected situations.

Please note deactivating a team member's account does not disband the team as long as it is not leader's.

When all team member's accounts except the leader's are deactivated, the team will be regarded as a solo team.

Where can I find the documentation of the competition team-up feature?

Please refer to this page for details.

About Ranking System

What is Rankings?

The rankings are live leaderboard for SIGNATE members. There are two types of indicators: "tiers," which can be earned by the number and color of medals accumulated, and "points," which decay over time. Rankings are determined by the results of sorting by priority of tiers and points. Click here for further details. Click here for further details.

Where can I confirm the conditions for each tier?

Click here for the conditions for each tier.

How can I earn medals?

Click here to see the conditions to earn medals.

Please also note that different conditions will be applied depending on the number of competitors in the competition.

Other resources

Where can I confirm about the SOTA Challenge?

Click here for more information about the SOTA Challenge.

Where can I find the documentation of the competition runtime feature?

Please refer to this page for details.

SIGNATE’s browser choice.

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the best experience.

How do I close my account?

Click here to close your account.