Account preferences

How do I update my email preferences?

Go to profile page then click Edit in the page.

How do I change my password?

Go to profile page then click Change password next to your username in the page.
※Those using social login cannot change their password.

How do I change my email address?

Go to profile page then click Change email address.
Upon your request, we will send a link to your new email address.
Please check your inbox to click the link within 24 hours to complete the procedure.

The email is sent from a send-only address.
If you didn't receive your verification or reset email, please confirm the following:

  1. Spam Folder
    • A spam filter or email rule might move the email to the spam folder. Please check your spam folder.
  2. Security/anti-virus software settings
    • If you have installed a firewall or an anti-virus software, these might mistakenly detect the email as a spam.
  3. Email service provider settings
    • In case you still cannot receive the emails after confirming the above, your email service provider may provide a virus-protection service or anti-spam blocking service by default. If you are using a business email, the settings might be applied on your company's email server.
    • In the above cases, please contact your email service provider or your company's network administrator for the details.'
  4. Inbox
    • Your email account might be full. Please check your status and remove messages if necessary.

Can I have multiple SIGNATE accounts?

Having more than one account is not permitted. Please confirm the article 2, paragraph 2 of the terms for the details.


I am receiving an error for my submission.

Please refer to the submission format of sample_submit.csv available in the Download Data page. Common causes of errors are as follows:

  • Incorrect datetime format
  • Containing non-numeric values
  • Extra comma at end of row
  • File size is too large (Limit: 400MB)

Do submission errors affect daily submission limits?

Only successful submissions do.

Can I use external data in the competition?

As it depends on the competition you are entering, please confirm them in the competition rules page.


How do I close my account?

Click here to close your account.