Terms of Use of SIGNATE.JP Site

These Terms of Use apply to all Members (as defined below) and others who use the Services to be provided (as defined below) by SIGNATE Inc. (hereinafter, "the Company") on this website. You are requested to read carefully and agree to these Terms of Use before you use the Services.

Article 1. Definitions

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the following terms shall be defined as follows:

(1)"Services" means any service to be provided on our Site, which includes the provision of software or contents for use.
(2)"Site" means the website as operated and managed by the Company, under the name of "SIGNATE" at https://signate.jp .
(3)"User" or "you" means a person or entity who accesses the Site and uses all or part of the Service. Users include Members and non-Members.
(4)"Personal Information" means personal information stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal information.
(5)"User Registration" means to register certain information required on the Site at the time of applying for enrollment.
(6)"Application for Enrollment" means to apply for enrollment by performing User Registration.
(7)"Member" means a User for which an Application for Enrollment was approved by the Company.
(8)"Registration Information" means information registered on the Site by a Member at the time of applying for enrollment. Registration Information includes email addresses and passwords.
(9)"Published Information" means information that has been disclosed by you on the Site (e.g., user names, results of competitions and scores, etc.)
(10)"Post" means any action taken by you to make your information or data available to other Users or the Company on the Site by contributing, disclosing, providing, or submitting such information or data.

Article 2. User Registration and Use of the Services

1.All Members agree to any and all provisions of these Terms of Use and "Privacy Policy" which is separately prescribed by the Company. When non-Members use the Services that are available to them without User Registration, such non-Members are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use.
2.Each Member is not given more than one membership for the Services, and therefore a Member cannot hold multiple memberships at a time.
3.The Company may choose not to approve an Application for Enrollment by an applicant, at its complete discretion, without showing any reason for such disapproval to the applicant.
4.Application for Enrollment may be made only by an applicant himself/herself (in the case of a legal entity, an applicant must be an individual who is authorized to enter into external contracts), and any Application for Enrollment or User Registration by a proxy shall not be acceptable.
5.The applicant needs to be able to understand, read, and write Japanese and/or English, and have his/her driver's license, passport, or any other identity document issued by competent authorities.
6.If the applicant is a minor, he/she should obtain a comprehensive permission from parents or any other legal representative.
7.If a minor applicant uses the Services by falsifying that he/she had obtained the consent of his/her statutory agent or that he/she had already reached adulthood, or by using fraudulent means so as to make the Company believe that he/she is a person with legal capacity, any juristic act performed by such applicant regarding the Services may not be cancelled.
8.If a Member, who was a minor at the time of agreeing to these Terms of Use, uses the Services after he/she reaches adulthood, the Member is deemed to have acknowledged all juristic acts he/she has performed regarding the Services.

Article 3. Warranty and Modification of the Services

1.The Company does not warrant that there will be no defects or bugs in the services provided by the Company.
2.The Company may add to the Services any new functions or services or suspend or terminate the provision of the Services, where appropriate, without informing you in advance.
3.The Company may suspend or terminate the Services for a long term by giving notice to you at least one month before such suspension or termination.
4.The Company shall not bear any liability for any consequence or damage that may arise from actions taken by the Company under this Article.

Article 4. Limited Use of the Services

1.The Company shall be entitled to impose any conditions on the use by you of the Services, which include limiting the use of the Services and our contents to the Member, or to those who are above a certain age, or to those who are found to meet certain conditions through a screening process set by the Company, such as identity verification.
2.You represent and warrant that you do not constitute antisocial forces.
3.The Company shall be entitled to refuse the use of the Services by the User who constitutes antisocial forces, abuses the Services, or bothers a third party, without showing any reason, at its complete discretion.

Article 5. Responsibility of Members and Other Users

1.You shall use the Service in accordance with the laws and regulations and such method as may be suggested by the Company.
2.Any User wishing to make an Application for Enrollment shall do so voluntarily at his/her own responsibility, and shall be responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, and completeness of the Registration Information entered in performing User Registration. The Company shall not be liable for any prejudice or damage incurred by such User or any other Users due to inaccurate, false, or incomplete Registration Information. After enrollment, a Member may at any time, on his/her own initiative, modify, delete, or add to the Registration Information that had been entered in performing User Registration and any other information.
3.It is the Member's responsibility to make modifications as applicable so as to keep the Registration Information up to date.
4.The Member shall appropriately manage the Registration Information, including email addresses and passwords, under his/her responsibility, and shall take measures for preventing email addresses or passwords from leaking out in a responsible manner.
5.The Company may treat any use of the Services after authentication based on the Registration Information of a Member as the use by such Member, and even if it was made by a person other than the Member, the consequences resulting therefrom and responsibilities associated with the consequences shall be attributable to the Member, and the Company shall bear no responsibility.
6.In the event of receiving any claim or request for withdrawal from a third party due to errors identified in all or part of the Registration Information of a Member, the Company may delete all or part thereof without prior notice, and the Member shall accept it.
7.Should a Member cause prejudice or damage against any third party, including other Users, through the use of the Services, the Member shall resolve such prejudice and damage at his/her own expense and on his/her own responsibility, and the Company shall bear no responsibility.
8.All Members shall respond to messages or requests made by the Company regarding procedures for the Services within seven (7) days from the sent date.
9.Any Member may not license, assign, or lend to a third party the status as a Member or any other rights granted under these Terms of Use.

Article 6. Treatment of Personal Information

1.The Company shall respect the privacy of all Users, pay close attention to the management of personal information, and treat Users' personal information in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" which is separately prescribed.
2.The Company will use the Registration Information entrusted by the User for the following purposes:

(1)to operate and manage the Services;
(2)to ensure necessary communications between Users and the Company;
(3)to deliver and send messages, email magazines, and various notices from the Company and the Client(s). that entrust the Company to deliver them;
(4)to provide Personal Information to the Client(s) based on their requests and the approval of the User;
(5)to conduct a survey and improvement of the Services and to consider new services, etc.;
(6)to accomplish purposes agreed upon between the User and the Company; and
(7)to list in the "Privacy Policy" which is separately prescribed.

3.The Company may post, obtain, use, provide, and manage the comments of a User, the results of questionnaire surveys, and the footprints of the Services in brochures or online information media issued/published by the Company after processing them so as to be available as information that cannot identify an individual, without the prior consent of the User.
4.The results of competitions, the scores of the Member, and other public information may be posted or used in the media of the Company or third parties authorized by the Company, as well as on the Site, for the purpose of advertisement and publicity, etc., as part of our business operations and promotion, without the prior consent of the Member.

Article 7. Withdrawal of Member and Suspension of the Services

1.When wishing to withdraw from the Services, the Member may do so in principle at any time at his/her discretion by completing the procedures designated by the Company. However, if there is any procedure that should be completed in regard to the Services, the Member may not withdraw from the Services until it is completed.
2.If the Company determines that the User is in violation of these Terms of Use, or if the Company has found any acts that might cause prejudice to the Company or dishonor or discredit the Company, the Company may delete the post in question without prior notice to the User and suspend or discontinue use of the Services by the User temporarily or permanently, and the User shall hereby accept this action.

Article 8. Prohibited Actions

1.You may not conduct any of the following acts in using the Services:

(1)acts to register or post false information;
(2)acts to register or post information in the name of some other person;
(3)acts that infringe or may infringe the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights or any other legitimate rights of other Users, any other third parties or the Company;
(4)acts that damage the property, credit, reputation or privacy, etc. of other Users, any other third parties or the Company, or criminal acts or acts against public order and public morals;
(5)acts that defame or insult other Users, any other third parties or the Company, or encourage unjust discrimination to other Users, any other third parties or the Company;
(6)acts that cause prejudice or damage to other Users, any other third parties or the Company;
(7)acts for the purpose of business or profit earning activities (including activities for providing Information):
(8)election campaign or acts that are similar to the campaign, and acts that violate or may violate the Public Offices Election Act;
(9)acts that set up a pyramid scheme or induce others to participate in it;
(10)acts that obstruct or may obstruct the use or operation of the equipment of other Users or any other third parties or Internet-access service equipment;
(11)acts to transmit other Users or any other third parties, through the Services, without obtaining approval, emails or other messages for the purpose of advertisement, publicity or solicitation, or emails or other messages that cause or may cause uncomfortable feelings to third parties under socially accepted conventions;
(12)acts to transmit or display to many and unspecified people, through the Services, pictures, videos, sounds or documents that depict obscenity, child pornography, child abuse, murder scenes, scene of killing or torturing animals, which undoubtedly may cause uncomfortable feelings to third parties under socially accepted conventions, or acts to sell storage media that contain such pictures or videos, or to transmit or display advertisement which can be associated with the transmission, display or sale of them.
(13)criminal acts, illegal acts including tort (scam, child prostitution, provision of child pornography, illegal buying and selling of bank accounts and mobile phones, drug offense, abuse of controlled drugs, transfer of pistols, unauthorized production of explosives, falsification of documents, murders, threats, etc.), or acts that may lead to these acts, or any other acts against public order or public morals;
(14)acts that cause or induce the participation of other Users or any other third parties to conduct illegal betting or gambling;
(15)acts that draw in or induce other Users or any other third parties to commit suicide, or acts that provide them with means to commit suicide, which could harm a third party;
(16)acts that fall under, or are equivalent to, antisocial forces (including, but not limited to, an organized crime group, member of an organized crime group, individuals who have withdrawn from an organized crime group within five years, enterprise affiliated with an organized crime group, corporate extortionists, a racketeer advocating a social movement, a racketeer advocating a political movement, and a special intelligence organized crime group, etc.), or acts that have or may have an inappropriate relationship with antisocial forces, such as offering profit to, or use of, antisocial forces;
(17)acts to use the name of and impersonate other Users, any other third party or the Company;
(18)acts that the Company judges have adverse effects on minors;
(19)acts that are beyond personal use allowed for the Services, i.e., to duplicate, sell, publish or use otherwise in a manner beyond personal use, information obtained through the Services;
(20)acts that disturb or may disturb the operations of the Services, or that defame or may defame the credit of the Company or the Services;
(21)acts to send or post information, etc. which includes computer viruses or other harmful programs;
(22)acts to license, lend or assign to other Users or any other third party the status as a User or any other rights granted to the User under these Terms of Use;
(23)acts to post URL on Internet media or application, knowing that such act would correspond to any of the acts listed above, in such a manner as may encourage the act or for the purpose of encouraging the act;
(24)acts that infringe any of the copyrights, which include rights specified in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act, patent rights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights (including rights to apply for registration etc.) pertaining to the Company, such as the disassembling, reverse compiling, reverse engineering, copying, changing, altering, crawling of the Services;
(25)acts that are inconsistent with the laws and regulations of Japan or the nation or region where the User is located at the time of using the Services or these Terms of Use; and
(26)any other acts considered by the Company as inappropriate.

2.If you find out that any Registration Information or the Post of other User falls under any of the prohibited actions set forth in the preceding paragraph, you may inform the Company about it. In such case, the Company may review the Registration Information or the content of the Post about which you have informed the Company and implement appropriate measures, without giving prior notice to you or such other User.

Article 9. Disclaimer of Liability and Warranty

The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss (i.e., any and all prejudices including emotional distress and pecuniary loss) to you or a third party arising from the use of the Services, unless such damage or loss is caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Furthermore, the Company's liability shall be limited, under any circumstances, to direct and actual damages to the User or a third party arising from the use of the Services, and the Company shall not be liable for special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, or loss of profit or lost income, etc.

Article 10. Force Majeure

In the event that the provision of the Service is delayed, interrupted or disabled due to events not attributable to the Company, such as damages caused by viruses that cannot be prevented by anti-Virus measures to be taken in light of socially accepted conventions or by other attacks, act of God and network failure, the Company shall bear no liability for any consequences or damages to you due to these events.

Article 11. Damages

If you violate these Terms of Use or other terms of the Company and cause damage to the Company or a third party, you shall compensate for the damages. If any dispute arises between the third party and the Company due to the violation by you of these Terms of Use or other terms of the Company and the third party makes a claim against the Company, you shall compensate for any and all damages, losses, costs and expenses (including, without limitation reasonable attorney's fees), special, incidental, indirect consequential damages, or loss of profit or lost income, etc. incurred by the Company. The Company shall bear no liability for any damage or loss which may be incurred by you due to any measures taken by the Company in response to such violation (including, without limitation, measures taken based on these Terms of Use and other terms of the Company).

Article 12. Posting of advertisement

The Company may post advertisements of the Company or a third party who requested us to do so in order to make them available to be viewed by you.

Article 13. Individual Terms and Conditions of Use

Besides these Terms of Use, the Company may post the terms and conditions of use applicable to specific Services under the Company's rules. To the extent of any inconsistency between such terms and conditions of use and these Terms of Use, the terms and conditions shall prevail in respect of the use of the Services, unless otherwise provided.

Article 14. Assignment of Contractual Status, etc.

In the case that the Company's business related to the Services is transferred to a third party, the Company may assign its contractual status and rights and obligations hereof, and the personal information received from you to the assignee of the business, and you shall be deemed to have agreed upon such assignment in this Article. For the avoidance of any doubt, the transfer of the business referred to in this Article includes not only business transfer provided for in the Japanese Companies Act but also corporate separation and any other cases that involve the universal succession of the business.

Article 15. Communications and Notices to the Company

If you wish to communicate to the Company, access our Web page for contact or send an email addressed to the address designated by the Company. We will, as a rule, respond to inquiries from you only by email.

Article 16. Applicable Law

1.These Terms of Use and other terms of the Company shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
2.You and the Company agree that any dispute that may arise in connection with these Terms of Use or other terms of the Company shall be brought in either the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive agreement jurisdiction of the first instance, depending on the amount in dispute.

Article 17. Change to the Terms of Use

The Company may from time to time change, add to or delete any provision of these Terms of Use or other terms of the Company without your approval.

Enforced on April 1, 2018
Last updated on June 20, 2018